Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Peace ...
be with you all.

Hopefully this does not sound too hippy like?  Just talking for the sake of it is not much good, but if we use this God given gift of speach for good then it is a great thing, is it not?

I am talking about saying positive things.  There is a lot of talk of wars in the media at the moment and bad news is rife and yet there is so much good news in our world - if only they (the media) bothered to report it!

My latest book 'Peace' has some positive items in it to hopefully uplift us on the path of life.  We all get inspired at some points in our life, when we do we probably need to record it - a bit like taking a photo of something that reminds us of a positive time in our lives, makes us happy, makes us smile and brings us ... peace.

I wish you all well on your own path in life, may you be blessed by whom ever your God is.


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